Pretty Icon Maker


Create your own icons and give a new look to your desktop



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Are you tired of your boring icons surrounding your desktop? Do you want to add your own ones but you don’t know how to do it? Download this lite applicationa nd start enjoying with your icons.

If you have any picture youthink it would suit perfectly to your desktop, or it s really addecuate for certain application. It’s time to change the icon, isn’t it?

Run Pretty Icon Maker, choose that picture and choose the size for the icon. That’s the onlysteps you have to follow to personalize your desktop.

Maybe you feel you are in a creative day and you want to edit your icons. Ok, perfect, you can use Pretty Icon Maker and edt them. Choose colors, shapes, lines and brushes, show your masterpieces as icons in your desktop and share them with your friends.

Without any doubt an easy to use application housed in a in intuitive interface which will surprise you.

15 days trial period

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